The Great Gas Gala!

Since 7am on Thursday (25th July) the community in Balcombe, Sussex has been resisting attempts by fracking company Cuadrilla Resources to start drilling in their village. They need your help!

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On Sun 25th and Mon 26th August (Bank Holiday) there will be free buses from Brighton to the Community Protection Camp in Balcombe, running from the Old Steine (near RBS) at 10am.

The camp now has a postal address (you want to send letters of support etc.): Balcombe Community Protection Camp, London Road, Balcobme, W.Sussex, RH17 6JH

As the Great Gas Gala continues it’s looking like Balcombe 1 – Cuadrilla 1 with all to play for. The main difference between the opponents being that the people of Balcombe are fighting for their health and environment while Cuadrilla is trying to make a quick buck out of destroying other people’s communities. On Day 1 more than 250 people stopped Cuadrilla bringing any equipment onto the site. During Day 2 more than 90 police waded in to break up the blockade by force and escort trucks onto the site.

Solidarity Sunday the 18th August (Day 25) saw 2,000 people from all over the UK converge at Balcombe. See more pics on flickr…


The camp outside the site is going strong though, with people refusing to be intimidated by this police thuggery. People are staying overnight but more support is needed. Car-loads of people arriving from all over UK. Come down for the night and weekend! Come now if you can but if not tomorrow morning as early as you can.

All are warmly invited to join Balcombe Village in a clear demonstration of front-line protection against those that threaten us and our environment.

See the map page for directions to the site, which is a 5 minute walk from Balcombe Station. Balcombe is only a 25 minutes train-ride north of Brighton, and 39 minutes south from London.

Take Note!:

The Great Gas Gala! will be a clear demonstration of community protection against the threat of harm to our health and environment posed by the fracking industry. The industry is supported by the state and therefore there will almost certainly be a police-presence. Know your rights and don’t be intimidated. The Gala will be an inclusive, friendly space. We won’t be bullied.